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Tewkesbury Ancient House

About This Production

Tewkesbury's Fairs date back to 1199, thus the fairs predate the Battle of Tewkesbury 1471 by 300 years. Tewkesbury's Fairs were granted a Royal Charter in 1610
The Mop Fair takes over the Medieval Town centre with rides and stalls squeezed in between fine Tudor Buildings like the example opposite which is still in use today.
The Mop Fair is held 9 and 10 October every year unless the dates fall on a Sunday, it's an outstanding heritage event which is kept alive by the Tewkesbury Fair Society
The footage in this short promotional video was filmed in Tewkesbury during 2011, James Danter's headline poster in 2014, other archive content goes back as far as 1865. Final edits and production of this version October 2014 at Tewkesbury.

More Information

Click on the following image to visit the Tewkesbury Medieval Town website for further information about Tewkesbury Town.
Tewkesbury Medieval Town

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