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The Real Story of Troy is a documentary series telling the Real Story of Troy and the Trojan War and is an ideal companion to the book Where Troy Once Stood
Where Troy Once Stood The book's first editions published after 30 years of in depth research by the author Iman Jacob Wilkens stunned historians and archaeologists turning conventional ideas of history on their head (click on the book for the latest information on the 2009 expanded and revised edition)
This DVD documentary visits key locations, archaeological evidence and related discoveries not covered in the latest book.
The Real Story of Troy series puts human development, knowledge and history into a compelling clear perspective.
Individuals, Colleges and Schools will find this series a powerful mind opener for all with an interest in the history of humanity.
Subject areas covered includes:
  • The Lost Dark Ages
  • Ancient Advanced Science and Knowledge Systems
  • Locations of the Trojan War
  • Archaeological evidence
  • Migrations confirmed by DNA
  • NASA's star data confirms the Odyssey
  • Ancient Long Range Navigation
  • Ancient Complex Navigation Instruments
This production is supported by many dedicated individuals and organisations contributing Archaeological and Historic information (see our contact details below).
TROY The Real Story DVD
ISBN: 978-0-9560331-9-2
TROY The Real Story DVD
What viewers are saying...
"Truly is magnificent. All at wvpTV are to be congratulated on a wonderful production. Thank you."
Gerald Camiener, Naples, USA (Sep 2011)
"Excellent! Great production value with a well-crafted, logical, and compelling evidence chain... ...inevitably drawn to the conclusion of a Celtic Troy"
Michael McCann, Illinois, USA (Sep 2011)
"A fascinating alternative look at the origin of Odysseus"
Ray Lawson, Nedlands, AUSTRALIA (Sep 2011)
"Keep up the good work..."
Rebecca Dubey, Liskeard, UK (Sep 2011)
Brian Gregory, Bremerton, USA (Aug 2011)


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